[Bug 4186] New: Aironet 340 PCMCIA does not support WPA

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Wed Feb 9 14:47:03 EST 2005


           Summary: Aironet 340 PCMCIA does not support WPA
    Kernel Version: 2.6.9
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
             Owner: linux-pcmcia at lists.infradead.org
         Submitter: hadmut at danisch.de

Distribution: Debian unstable
Hardware Environment: Dell Inspiron 3800 + Aironet 340 PCMCIA
Software Environment: wpa_supplicant
Problem Description:

The aironet driver does not seem to suport WPA.
Since WEP has been broken WPA becomes a de facto standard, 
thus the driver is becoming more and more useless.

Steps to reproduce:

Use a Aironet 340 and try to use wpa_supplicant

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