David Hinds dhinds at
Fri Apr 1 16:53:48 EST 2005

On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 06:11:23PM +0000, Pedro Burjack wrote:
> Hi, my name is Pedro and I am facing some problems with a 6MB PCMCIA 
> SRAM card from PRETEC.
> In */etc/pcmcia/config* it is configured:
> *card "Pretec"
>  manfid 0x0000,0x0000
>  bind "pcmciamtd"*

Did you put that there?  I don't think that would be in any standard
distribution of this file.

> I suspect the manfid is wrong, but PRETEC doesn't have an email for contact.
> Would anyone have a good idea for the manfid?

Conventionally, you would do 'cardctl ident'.

But most SRAM cards don't provide any configuration data.

-- Dave

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