Cardservices functionality at 2.6

Steve Jones steve at
Fri Mar 12 10:45:58 GMT 2004


This question is by definition a FAQ -- upon googling it turns up
frequently but I have never seen it actually answered.

I use a Netgear MA-401 wireless card with no problem under a 2.4
I kernel. But can't get it working under 2.6.3.

cardmgr results in:

  "cardmgr[5834]: no sockets found!"

and exits.

I can modprobe the same modules that were being inserted under
2.4, among them:


However, the card is not being detected as a result (not that I
really expected this to work).

In researching this, I gather that cardservices is deprecated for
2.6. But I also find a information to the contrary. It's apparent
that PCMCIA has fundamentally changed in 2.6 kernels, but I can
find nothing documenting how it's changed or how it now works.

If I have been sketchy with my information, I will be happy to
deluge you. :) Whatever you want...

How do I use my PCMCIA wireless network card under 2.6.3?


Steve Jones

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