[PATCH] 2.6 PXA PCMCIA Support, update

stefan.eletzhofer at eletztrick.de stefan.eletzhofer at eletztrick.de
Tue Mar 9 15:15:53 GMT 2004

these are updated patches to get PCMCIA support for the
INTEL PXA2xx processors.

They're against Linus' 2.6.4-rc2 bk tree.

Currently this code duplicates much of the code for the StrongARM
processors, so it might be worth to move them both together and create
a library. Most of the duplicated code is not processor specific, if
I see it correctly. Comments on how that would be done best are very welcome.

The code works over here on my custom PXA263 board (single-socket), and People
over at handhelds.org use these patches successfully on various PXA PDAs.
 - Initial PXA PCMCIA support
 - Move PXA PCMCIA headers to the right place
 - Make use of platform_device stuff instead of fixed arrays
 - Clean up some macro abuse

This patch changes the debug macros to match the patches from Russell King earlier
this day.

For a (very) simple example on how the board specific part would be
done see:

All my current PXA2xx work (including non-PCMCIA stuff)  is available at:

	Stefan E.

Eletztrick Computing - Customized Linux Development
Stefan Eletzhofer, Marktstrasse 43, DE-88214 Ravensburg

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