buffer I/O error, trying to use SimpleTech compact flash via pcmcia

Lloyd Carothers lloyd at passcal.nmt.edu
Thu Jun 24 14:09:32 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 17:36, Russell King wrote:

> I'd suggest posting this to the linux-ide mailing list rather than the
> PCMCIA list - I don't think this is specific to PCMCIA itself.


I posted to linux-ide with no response. I'd like to point out that
cardctl status shows:
[bat dead], [bat low]
which doesn't make since since there is no battery in these things

	I don't know whether this changes things from you perspective but I've
hit a dead end. If you know of any other routes to take, or more
debugging or research  I can do please let me know( e.g. kernel
internals documentation) 
Many thanks,

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