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Lloyd Carothers lloyd at passcal.nmt.edu
Tue Jun 15 14:15:16 EDT 2004

Hello all;
  I would like to know what the status is for pcmcia compact flash ide
memory drives with the 2.6 kernel. Here's a brief overview of my

Most drives (Scandisk, Hitachi & IBM microdrives) seem to work fine with
the kernel provided drivers with 2.4.20 and on, However the SimpleTech
1GB drives (the only drives I need to support) can be seen by these
drivers but on access (fdisk, mount hdparm) I get repeated Drive Seek
errors ( more info on this can be provided but my main concern is for
2.6 use)... The only way I can access this SimpleTech Drives is using a
2.4.20 (22, 24 don't work) with the pcmcia-cs package (note: when I
install this package it says due to kernel configuration that only
util's not drivers will be installed)

now for 2.6
On a compaq armada M700 with 2.6.? I have yenta drivers built in and
when I put a card (microdrive or simpletech) cardctl status says it's
in, but I can't find the drive file to access. any suggestions I know my
info is sparse I can provide more if specifics are asked
thanks in advance
--LLoyd C.

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