2.6 kernel Realtek 8139c PCMCIA driver

Vaclav Stepan w at linux.fjfi.cvut.cz
Sat Dec 25 21:18:31 EST 2004


I tried 2.6.10 vanilla kernel on an TP600e and I was amused.
However, even after an evening long search, I am unable to get an
RTL8139C card running. 

Should it be possible, or is there really no way yet?

I used to compile it from Donald Becker's drivers for 2.4.x.

As for now I got to the facts, that (right?):
* There is no driver for 8139 in the PCMCIA network driver section
  of kernel configuration. 
* I can't use pcmcia-cs with Becker's standalone driver because
  pcmcia-cs compiles only userspace utility programs.
* I can't use the PCI version until there is a wrapper for it
  to work with PCMCIA (or it at least alike in 2.4).

Am I overlooking something obvious or is it necessary to 
write the driver? 

Thanks for an answer

Vaclav Stepan
Vaclav Stepan
w at linux.fjfi.cvut.cz
Czech republic

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