ide_cs problem related to epia-mii/ricoh master/slave

Stefan de Konink skinkie at
Thu Dec 23 10:03:06 EST 2004


At the moment getting the Ricoh pcmcia cardbridge/cf-reader to work is a 
real pain. After mapping memory, everything seems to get ok for my 
Atheros (Madwifi) drivers and eventually my CompactFlash module gets 
recognized as hde and hdf. hdf loozes interupts and my idea was to 
prevent registration of hdf's slave ide interface. After trying out my 
luck in ide_cs I gave up.

The strange thing is, I have a pcmcia memory module, which get 
recognized just once (and from past experience) does work. I found some 
people with the same problems on google, but I lost the 'patch' which 
prevents the recognition of the second device. I do know that people 
said 'it wasn't the right solution for the problem, but since there 
weren't that many master/slave ide_cs cards it wouldn't be a problem for 
a quick fix'.

Can anyone help me with my ide_cs problem and tell me how to solve it 
for a kernel with Epia patches.


Stefan de Konink

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