[RFC] what to do next

Dominik Brodowski linux at brodo.de
Sun Oct 12 19:54:00 BST 2003


On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 11:09:02PM +0100, Russell King wrote:
> I think "what to do next" is to solve the various bug reports which
> keep popping up, as well as actively trying to find bugs.
> The latest one (see my [CFT] mail) is pretty serious since it can
> cause memory corruption in any other part of the kernel (dependent
> on what your workload is.)
> I've passed to Pat Mochel the information concerning the annoying device
> model restriction which historically kept on causing the deadlocks with
> cardbus cards inserted at boot time.  Pat seems willing to tweak the
> driver model to allow PCI-like devices to be registered from a PCI
> drivers ->probe function.  Once this is done, we can get rid of some of
> the fragile work-around code that we're currently carrying - but that's
> a job for post-2.6.0.
> I really suggest that we try to sort some of this stuff out and make
> the core more robust before we start adding more driver model code to

Well, even though I think that this is kind of a sisyphus-approach 
(instead of fixing the core problems trying to cure the symptoms) I know we
are in a stability-freeze-phase now. So, I'll probably delay the fun stuff
for 2.7., but then I really want to clean up A LOT.

Also, I think we have orthogonal views on the driver model -- while you
consider it to _cause_ trouble, it is the road to and of the cleanup in my


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