[SUMMARY] today's pcmcia patches

Dominik Brodowski linux at brodo.de
Fri Jun 6 00:10:48 BST 2003

Here's a short summary of the 10 pcmcia patches I've sent to rmk today:

move_socket_info_t: move cs.c's socket_info_t to include/pcmcia/ss.h and
rename it to struct pcmcia_socket.

move_get_socket_info_by_nr: move the number resolving part of the bus socket
list from ds.c to cs.c.

remove_socket_table: the socket_table in cs.c is replaced by a dynamic list
which is protected by a rw_sem.

true_driver_module_locking: in addition to preserving userspace (e.g. cardmgr) 
reference counting, try_module_get and module_put calls are added so that no
pcmcia driver currently in use can be unloaded.

split_init: split the socket driver registration into two logical pieces.

register: a new registration scheme is based upon struct pcmcia_socket and
struct class_dev. [NOTE: SA11* drivers need to be converted]

callback: use struct pcmcia_socket* as callback; and unify pci_socket.c and
yenta.c. [NOTE 1: SA11* drivers need to be converted] [NOTE 2: only
re-diffed, and due to the large size not re-sent to this list but only to
rmk directly -- it's availably upon request, of course]

socket_ref_in_client_handle_t: replace socket_no with struct pcmcia_socket 
in client_handle_t

socket_ref_in_req_t: replace socket_no with struct pcmcia_socket in 
mtd_req_t and bind_req_t

socket_no_cleanup: remove socket_no from struct pcmcia_bus_socket

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