[Linux-parport] A largely uninformed user with need that partains to parallel port use in Linux

Adam Baker parport at baker-net.org.uk
Sun Apr 26 17:16:35 EDT 2009

On Sunday 26 Apr 2009, Jason Dodge wrote:
> My problem, put simply, is this:
> I have need to access the external 20MB HDD that was connected to a 1986
> Macintosh, the drive connecting to the computer via a parallel port. I have
> gone to support chats and forums, and have thus far been unable to find
> assistance.

Macs of that era didn't normally have a parallel port. What they did usually 
have was a SCSI interface that used the same 25 way D connector as is normally 
used for the parallel port on PCs and that is what most Mac HDs connected to.

If you want to access the disk you'll need to track down a SCSI card and 
suitable cables (it might be easier to find a cable to connect to the 50 way 
connector on the actual disk rather than the external 25 way one.) Assuming 
the disk is formatted with a Mac file system such as HFS you'll also need a 
suitable file system driver.


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