[Linux-parport] Simple Direct-IO

Chris Fisichella chris at communityrenewables.com
Tue Jun 20 20:52:55 EDT 2006

>I'm a more-or-less novice programmer, and I thought I'd tinker 
>around with parallel/serial port use.  All I'd really like to do is 
>something very simple, setting the pegs individually to "on" or 
>"off," etc, much as shown in this Windows inpout32.dll-utilizing 
>I've Googled around, and have learned enough to know that Direct-IO 
>requires a kernel driver.  But now I'm stuck, and I seem to beunable 
>to further learn from Google.
>If I were to try and make a Linux app similar to the above mentioned 
>Windows app, how would I go about doing it?

Are you writing a C program? If so, I would suggest you Check out Tim 
Waugh's documentation on the Linux 2.4 Parallel  Port Subsystem. I 
got my copy at:
people.redhat.com/twaugh/par port /par port book.pdf

In a fairly short amount of time, I was flicking bits and things like 
that. It was nice to see my Linux already had a parport driver ready 
to service my calls. Your mileage my vary.

The code was like:


io_ctl this,
io_ctl that,


Good luck,

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