[Linux-parport] External IDE HDD drive

Mukund JB. mukundjb at esntechnologies.co.in
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That is the inbulid in mount command.
When you try to mount a device without specifying the filesyetem on it, the mount command internally will parse the disk drive and based on the data on the disk partition table & fs info in the partition you are trying to mount it guesses the file syteem and perform that filesystem specific checks and tries to mount it.

Mukund Jampala

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Thanks to the article "Linux and parallel port IDE devices", I have 
managed to get my Datawise Quickdrive external HDD working in Red Hat 9. 
Despite being a complete newcomer to Linux, following the advice given, 
I found that

insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pd drive0=0x378
mount /dev/pda2 /backup

works perfectly (the HDD in the Quickdrive has 2 partitions, and 
'backup' is the directory).

One question, though. The mounted partition is formatted in FAT32, so 
how come Red Hat was happy to mount it without the "-t vfat" phrase?

Thanks again

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