[Linux-parport] Microtek ScanMaker V310 Parallel port on FC3

jmb365 jmb365 at bright.net
Sat Jun 18 16:04:41 EDT 2005

I am trying to get a Microtek ScanMaker V310 (via parallel port 
interface) to work on Fedora Core 3 kernel 2.6.11-1.14_FC3, but have run 
into several blocks.  This is the first time I am attempting a scanner 
install on linux:

Model# MRS-600VX3P 30 bit color single pass 300x600 dpi

As reported by a WinXP PC that connects to this scanner it is:
Scanner 300A4 4.11    SCSI Scanner    OnSpec 90C26E Rev: 0x55

On linux FC3:
modprobe scsi_mod
modprobe sg

Loaded okay, but :

modprobe ppscsi            (Not Found)
modprobe onscsi            (Not Found)
modprobe onspec            (Not Found)

Does this mean that I need to recompile the kernel with these modules 
(which I have not done so far and am reluctant to do so) or does the 
distro come with everything to make it work out of the box?   Could not 
the modules be modprobed rather than beign compiled into the kernel?   I 
seem to get the impression that FC3 should work out of the box, since 
sane-backends aludes to this specific printer being supported, but I may 
be wrong.

I have Googled many places and seeing spotty references on how to make 
parallel port scanners work in linux.  Any help will be very welcome.  A 
test of the same scanner in WinXP on another PC seems to work ok.


PS: I am familiar with configuring a MicroSolutions BackPack CDRW 
parallel port drive on RH 8; though installing on FC3 has been futile!  
But that's another story for a future query...

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