[Linux-parport] ppscsi: epst with kernel 2.6.10

J Fairbairn jonf.parport at mailnull.com
Sat Jan 29 12:17:23 EST 2005

On 2005-01-29 at 21:47+1100 Ed Murray wrote:

> 	I have this scanner and confirm it works fine with
> 2.6.10. Try the patch that I have posted here:
> http://www.avenuedesign.net/linux/ppscsi-patch.html

Thanks, but that's the same as I'd collected. To make sure
I've just cleaned out the kernel source, reinstalled it,
applied your patch, built and run it, with the same
effect as I described before.

If it works for you, my problem may be caused by the fact
that there is another scsi adaptor on my system. I'm curious
if anyone can tell my why the AHA1542 is scsi0, but epst
comes up as scsi2. What happened to scsi1?

Next step is to try with a non-scsi system.


Jón Fairbairn                              Jon.Fairbairn at cl.cam.ac.uk

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