[Linux-parport] ppscsi: epst with kernel 2.6.10

Ed Murray edd at avenuedesign.net
Sat Jan 29 05:47:03 EST 2005

Hi Jón,
	I have this scanner and confirm it works fine with 2.6.10. Try the patch that I have posted here:

Make shore your scanner is turned on and connected before loading the epst module.

Ed Murray

>I've been using an HP scanner (HP5100C) on a parallel port
>with kernels up to 2.4.22 with the ppscsi+epst patch, but
>I'm considering switching to a 2.6 kernel.
>I've trawled this list for messages relating to this; I
>found the patch for 2.6 kernels (from
>and applied the later patch (from
>to make it compile with 2.6.10 (parport_get_port needed
>exporting -- the patch needed tweaking to make it apply),
>but I couldn't find anything that takes it further, so I'm
>hoping for some help.
>What I have now is a 2.6.10 kernel with parport_pc, sg,
>ppscsi and epst all as modules (scsi_mod is built in as some
>of the hard discs are scsi).
>When I modprobe epst, the module loads happily, but scsi
>doesn't report the device -- epst logs it, but it just
>doesn't seem to get attached to /dev/sg[anything]. What do I
>try now?

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