[Linux-parport] Fwd: Using ppdev to Get Scan data from an Olivetty PR2E printer

Sreekumar s.kumar at habibbank.com
Tue Dec 20 09:03:45 EST 2005

Dear all, 
    I have been trying to write a user-space driver for
getting scan output from an olivetty printer ( PR2E SC ).
I am using ppdev ioctl calls + read + write calls to do
accomplish this. I am getting the scan output from the
printer. But I am losing some data in between. e.g If I
expect a 512 X 512 image, I might get only 512 * 511 + some
bytes ( consistently less than 20 ). It seems it loses data
in every read ( I mean in between ).
I am attaching the code along with this. Please suggest if
anything else I can try.


Best Regards

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