[Linux-parport] Kernel & libieee1284 report BIOS ECP mode as EPP

vdb128 at picaros.org vdb128 at picaros.org
Tue Sep 28 20:20:32 EDT 2004

> on my PC, when the parallel port is set to (only) ECP mode in the
Perhaps report the motherboard spec, parport chipset, PCI ID ?

EPP is detected by verifying the timeout bit in the Data Status Register.
A lot of chipsets always honour its working in EPP mode whether or not EPP 
is enabled in the BIOS.  This is not true for its functionality though, 
f.e. HALTing the bus for data transfer may be disabled.  A slow device 
will then block since the parport is not waiting for cycle completion.

> Is there any chance that this will get solved?
You might try the patch http://picaros.org/ftp/key/parporta-2.4.23.diff
and report the output with 'verbose_probing=1'.

It was only tested for 2.4.23 and there is no warranty ...

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