[Linux-parport] parport not automatically released by child process

Eddy De Greef degreef at imec.be
Thu Jan 15 09:32:02 GMT 2004

On 2004.01.14 15:06 Eddy De Greef wrote:
> Hi,
> on some older 2.4 kernels, I experience the following problem:
> when a process opens /dev/parport0 and then forks, and the child 
> claims the port and exits without releasing it, the parent process
> can no longer claim the port. I would expect that the port is 
> automatically released when the child exits. 
> The most recent kernel on which I have seen this is 2.4.20. 
> On a 2.4.22 kernel, everything seems to work fine.
> So my question is: is this really a bug in older kernels that has 
> been fixed recently? Or is my assumption that the child process 
> should release the port automatically wrong?

Correction: I made a mistake in my test on a 2.4.22 kernel.
The problem appears to occur with all kernel versions.

So the question is: is this a kernel bug or not?

Best regards,


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