[Linux-parport] parport not automatically released by child process

Eddy De Greef degreef at imec.be
Wed Jan 14 15:06:16 GMT 2004


on some older 2.4 kernels, I experience the following problem:
when a process opens /dev/parport0 and then forks, and the child 
claims the port and exits without releasing it, the parent process
can no longer claim the port. I would expect that the port is 
automatically released when the child exits. 

The most recent kernel on which I have seen this is 2.4.20. 
On a 2.4.22 kernel, everything seems to work fine.

So my question is: is this really a bug in older kernels that has 
been fixed recently? Or is my assumption that the child process 
should release the port automatically wrong?

An example that triggers the problem is attached.

Best regards,

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