[PATCH v2 7/7] [RFC] nvme: Fix a race condition

Sagi Grimberg sagi at grimberg.me
Wed Oct 5 10:40:24 PDT 2016

> Avoid that nvme_queue_rq() is still running when nvme_stop_queues()
> returns. Untested.
> Signed-off-by: Bart Van Assche <bart.vanassche at sandisk.com>
> Cc: Keith Busch <keith.busch at intel.com>
> Cc: Christoph Hellwig <hch at lst.de>
> Cc: Sagi Grimberg <sagi at grimberg.me>

Bart this looks really good! and possibly fixes an issue
I've been chasing with fabrics a while ago. I'll take it
for testing but you can add my:

Reviewed-by: Sagi Grimberg <sagi at grimberg.me>

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