Hello Sunshine, How are you?

Marion marion at academia-cj.ro
Thu Mar 16 22:03:13 PDT 2023

I am sorry to bother you and intrude your privacy. I am single,
 lonely and in need of a caring, loving and romantic companion.

I am a secret admirer and would like to explore the opportunity to 
learn more about each other. I know it is strange to contact you 
this way and I hope you can forgive me. I am a shy person and 
this is the only way I know I could get your attention. I just want 
to know what you think and my intention is not to offend you.
I hope we can be friends if that is what you want, although I wish 
to be more than just a friend. I know you have a few questions to 
ask and I hope I can satisfy some of your curiousity with a few 

I believe in the saying that 'to the world you are just one person, 
but to someone special you are the world'. All I want is love, 
romantic care and attention from a special companion which I am
hoping would be you.

I hope this message will be the beginning of a long term 
communication between us, simply send a reply to this message, it 
will make me happy.

Hugs and kisses,


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