[PATCH V5 09/15] spi: Add stacked and parallel memories support in SPI core

Mahapatra, Amit Kumar amit.kumar-mahapatra at amd.com
Tue Mar 7 03:37:50 PST 2023

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> There were too many recipients in To and Cc and I couldn't reply to the
> email. I whipped off the Cc filed and most of the people from To and added
> the lists in Cc.
> On 3/6/23 17:21, Amit Kumar Mahapatra wrote:	
> > Multi CS support using GPIO is not tested due to unavailability of
> > necessary hardware setup.
> Please don't add code that is not used or tested.

During our discussion on the RFC, Mark had suggested to add multi-cs support 
via GPIO as well. We had agreed to add multi-cs support via GPIO, but had also 
mentioned that we don't have a hardware setup to test the CS GPIO use case.


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