[PATCH v3 00/10] acl: drop posix acl handlers from xattr handlers

Christian Brauner brauner at kernel.org
Mon Mar 6 01:23:26 PST 2023

From: Christian Brauner (Microsoft) <brauner at kernel.org>

On Wed, 01 Feb 2023 14:14:51 +0100, Christian Brauner wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> After we finished the introduction of the new posix acl api last cycle
> we still left the generic POSIX ACL xattr handlers around in the
> filesystems xattr handlers for two reasons:
> (1) Because a few filesystems rely on the ->list() method of the generic
>     POSIX ACL xattr handlers in their ->listxattr() inode operation.
> (2) POSIX ACLs are only available if IOP_XATTR is raised. The IOP_XATTR
>     flag is raised in inode_init_always() based on whether the
>     sb->s_xattr pointer is non-NULL. IOW, the registered xattr handlers
>     of the filesystem are used to raise IOP_XATTR.
>     If we were to remove the generic POSIX ACL xattr handlers from all
>     filesystems we would risk regressing filesystems that only implement
>     POSIX ACL support and no other xattrs (nfs3 comes to mind).
> [...]

With v6.3-rc1 out, I've applied this now. Please keep an eye out for any
regressions as this has been a delicate undertaking: 

[01/10] xattr: simplify listxattr helpers
        commit: f2620f166e2a4db08f016b7b30b904ab28c265e4
[02/10] xattr: add listxattr helper
        commit: 2db8a948046cab3a2f707561592906a3d096972f
[03/10] xattr: remove unused argument
        commit: 831be973aa21d1cf8948bf4b1d4e73e6d5d028c0
[04/10] fs: drop unused posix acl handlers
        commit: 0c95c025a02e477b2d112350e1c78bb0cc994c51
[05/10] fs: simplify ->listxattr() implementation
        commit: a5488f29835c0eb5561b46e71c23f6c39aab6c83
[06/10] reiserfs: rework ->listxattr() implementation
        commit: 387b96a5891c075986afbf13e84cba357710068e
[07/10] fs: rename generic posix acl handlers
        commit: d549b741740e63e87e661754e2d1b336fdc51d50
[08/10] reiserfs: rework priv inode handling
        commit: d9f892b9bdc22b12bc960837a09f014d5a324975
[09/10] ovl: check for ->listxattr() support
        commit: a1fbb607340d49f208e90cc0d7bdfff2141cce8d
[10/10] acl: don't depend on IOP_XATTR
        commit: e499214ce3ef50c50522719e753a1ffc928c2ec1


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