Frequent Writes to NAND flash with UBIFS in sychronous mode

Ricard Wanderlof ricard.wanderlof at
Fri Nov 9 05:42:08 EST 2012

On Fri, 9 Nov 2012, Tech tech wrote:

> Hi Ricard,
>  Thanks for the reply. Yes. This observation is only with synchronous mode.
> Without '-sync' option, writes doesn't happen with reads.
> Can you explain a little more on the "cached writes" that you mentioned?

Sorry, thinking about it, that would be valid for the case without '-o 
sync' where write operations do not happen right away but are buffered. 
But in the synchronous case writes should be performed more or less 

> I will try to check the UBI scrub part & will update.

I was thinking along the lines of misconfigured hardware or software 
believing that there were bit flips in the data and it needed to be 
rewritten for that reason.

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