UBIFS error: replay_log_leb: first log node at LEB 3:0 is not CS node

James Nute newten82 at gmail.com
Wed May 9 09:45:46 EDT 2012


I'm getting a UBIFS Corruption during a power failure with a fail
signature that I believe is different from what has been seen in the
When I flash a new UBI image onto my device and boot it for the first
time everything comes up as expected. However if I force a power
failure before any major file writes occur the device will crash when
UBIFS attempts to recover during the next reboot. If I force a sync
command before the power failure I am able to successfully avert the
recovery failure. I worry that this indicates something ugly is going
on that I can't detect.

To get more debug messages I have enabled UBIFS debugging and enabled
the recovery and mount messages by booting with
""ubifs.debug_msgs=6144 ignore_loglevel" kernel parameters

Below is a snippet of the debug messages:

Mounting ubifs fileUBIFS DBG (pid 342): ubifs_bg_thread: background
thread "ubifs_bgt0_0" started, PID 342
system on 'ubi0:container'...
UBIFS: recovery needed
UBIFS error (pid 1): replay_log_leb: first log node at LEB 3:0 is not CS node
UBIFS error (pid 1): replay_log_leb: log error detected while
replaying the log at LEB 3:0
       magic          0x6101831
       crc            0x96c5716c
       node_type      8 (reference node)
       group_type     0 (no node group)
       sqnum          4544
       len            64
       lnum           138
       offs           67584
       jhead          1
UBIFS DBG (pid 342): ubifs_bg_thread: background thread "ubifs_bgt0_0" stops
Error: can't mount 'ubi0:container'
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
Call Trace:
[c782be40] [c0008224] show_stack+0x4c/0x138 (unreliable)
[c782be80] [c0298040] panic+0xb4/0x1f8
[c782bee0] [c00208c8] do_exit+0x8c/0x648
[c782bf30] [c0020ec4] do_group_exit+0x0/0xdc
[c782bf40] [c000e148] ret_from_syscall+0x0/0x38
--- Exception: c01 at 0x10000eac
   LR = 0x10000a50

A complete log can be viewed here: http://mcreech.com/work/ubifs-2012-05-08.txt

Does anyone have any suggestions?

James Nute

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