[RFC][PATCH 0/7] UBI checkpointing support

Richard Weinberger rw at linutronix.de
Wed Mar 7 16:01:45 EST 2012

Am 07.03.2012 17:04, schrieb Artem Bityutskiy:
> Another not-so-technical comment.
> On Tue, 2012-02-14 at 21:06 +0100, Richard Weinberger wrote:
>> The following patch set implements checkpointing support for
>> UBI. Checkpointing is an optional feature which stores the physical to
>> logical eraseblock relations in a checkpointing superblock to reduce
>> the initialization time of UBI.
> So this is basically about improving scalability and "mount" time. This
> has nothing to do with checkpointing most people are aware of.
> Confusing...

Mostly because "checkpointing" is a buzzword. ;-)

> Really, this tirm is already reserved by file-systems, things like
> virtual machines where it means "freezing" the contents and doing COW
> when changing the freezed blocks and guaranteeing the ability to
> "roll-back" to the checkpointed data.
> Please, consider an option of picking a different name. In JFFS2 a
> "similar" thing was called "summaries", and even this is better than
> "checkpoint", I think.

What about "Erase block indexing"?
Basically a checkpoint is an index...


P.s: I'm really bad in picking names.

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