[PATCH 1/7] ARM: add GPMI support for imx23/imx28

Huang Shijie b32955 at freescale.com
Thu Mar 17 22:06:04 EDT 2011


>>> IMO all the source code could be kept in one file (except for the
>>> include files of course) and the gpmi-nfc subdirectory removed.
>> I really can merge some files, but IMHO, it's not a good solution to
>> keep all in one file.
>> The reasons are :
>> [1] The GPMI support the NAND boot mode,but the imx23 and imx28 is a
>> little different in
>> the NAND boot procedure due the different firmwares in the chips. If I
>> merge the rom-imx23.c
>> rom-imx28.c to one file, the code will very mess. ugly enough!
> You can use platform_ids to differentiate between the versions and
> have separate functions for imx23 and imx28 where appropriate and
> select between those depending on the platform_id.
thanks a lot.

Best Regards.
Huang Shijie

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