NAND OOB data.

Matthew L. Creech mlcreech at
Mon Jun 20 14:17:07 EDT 2011

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 1:53 PM, ANDY KENNEDY <ANDY.KENNEDY at> wrote:
> Okay, so how do I (without the luxury of u-boot), in user or
> kernel space, wipe the OOB data?  I'm looking at the code for
> u-boot nand_erase_nand right now.  I mean, I'm not above writing
> an userspace app that will do kernel level work for me.  I'm okay
> with using /dev/mem and screwing with stuff.  Am I on the right
> track?  I mean, I hate to go down this road if I'm just heading
> for a dead-end.

If you don't have U-Boot, it sounds like you need a Linux equivalent
to U-Boot's "nand scrub" command.  A quick search yields this:

Then I guess you'd need to set the corresponding flag in your
mtd-utils when doing flash_eraseall.

Matthew L. Creech

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