NAND flash data table

Brian Norris computersforpeace at
Mon Aug 30 21:43:31 EDT 2010

On 8/30/2010 5:34 AM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> If you cannot do this, let me know, I'll try to adapt this to the mtd
> web site - this piece of information is very useful.

Sorry, I worked on the table last week, got a decent patch, and meant to
tidy it up a bit. I will send a reasonably acceptable patch following
this e-mail.

> Also, I please, take a look at my l2 tree - I think I picked up or
> commented on all your patches, but there were many and I could miss
> some. Please, let me know if something is missing.

I think you've got everything in your l2 master or dunno, except the new
ONFI, >= 4KiB page Micron patch, which was a bit ugly. As recommended,
I'll do a resend of that on top of ONFI.

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