anyone can help me about nand_get_flash_type

Tony Wan visual2me at
Wed Aug 25 05:36:18 EDT 2010

Hi there,

I got an ARM device from Marvell with a NAND rom, running Linux These days I'm working on upgrading the kernel to
After the upgrade, all devices work well except the NAND rom. I found
it's because that the device and manufacturer IDs cannot be retrieved
correctly in nand_get_flash_type.  In, the IDs can be
retrieved as expected; but in, the IDs always be 0, which
leads to an error in nand_scan.

I'm a definitely newbie with MTD, and currently have no idea about the
problem. Except IO_ADDR_R & IO_ADDR_W are remapped to different
addresses, I can't find any differences between the 2 versions from
the system log -- may it be the reason? Anyone can give me some tips
about this problem -- how to fix it or how to debug? Any suggestions
will be appreciated.

Best regards,
Tony Wan

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