old and new ubi utilities

Andreas Arnez arnez at vnet.ibm.com
Mon Mar 16 05:33:02 EDT 2009

Artem Bityutskiy <dedekind at infradead.org> writes:

> It seems that nowadays the old ubi utilities are unused and
> unmaintained. And I've got a question from Sidney if it would be
> possible to change the MTD repository layout and move the new utilities
> to
> 	mtd-utils/ubi-utils
> and old utilities to
> 	mtd-utils/ubi-utils/old-utils
> just like I have originally done.
> So, will you mind if I do this, taking into account that the old
> utilities are not widely used and not maintained?

We can adjust to such restructuring.  We may still stick to the old
utilities for now, because the last time I looked, the new utilities
were lacking some functionality we relied upon.

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