[UBI] UFFS : Unified Flash File System

Sidney Amani seed95 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 12:28:05 EST 2008


We are forth year Epitech (www.epitech.eu) students, our six member
team plan to use and maybe improve UBI as part of our end studies

Our project is UFFS for Unified Flash File System, Unified because it
is going to allow mounting any kind of NAND Flash Memory, this means
any bare Flash or Flash on top of FTL.

It is also going to be ported on several operating systems, we plan to
supported on Fuse (Linux, *BSD, MacOs-X) and Windows and Linux (as a
Kernel module).

  /        | \
Block    |  |\
  |        |  |  \
 FTL     |  |   \
  |\____/  |    \
  |       |   |     |
  |     UBI |     |
  \       \   |     |
   \       \_|     |
    \         |     |
     \      MTD |

This scheme means if  UBI is available we use it but if it's not
(WinCE) we have to develop a UBI-Like layer.

We contactyou to let you know about our intention and maybe get any
information about some work in progresss of UBI related project?

Has someone heard about a WinCe UBIFS version?

What do you think about our project?

Any suggestion will be welcomed.

Sidney Amani

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