cloning jffs2 file system

Vanita Suryavanshi suryavanshivj at
Sat Feb 16 02:06:45 EST 2008

Dear Sir,
Seeking of help.
We have developed jffs2 file system using block2mtd driver.
Our compact flash has 2 partitions.
First partition is boot partition having fat file system.This contains syslinux bootloader and kernel.
Second partition is jffs2 partition, formatted using flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtd0
and put the file system using dd.
Flash is working fine.

But to burn large number flash,this method is not suitable.
So If I have a working flash with jffs2 can I make multiple flash using any tool like norton ghost.
Norton ghost does not support jffs2. Is there any other tool or method for doing this.

Thanks & Regards,

Best Regards,
Vanita Suryavanshi
Design Engineer,
Automation Systems Center,
Navi Mumbai.

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