dual-port ram driver implementation as MTD device?

Markus Franke markus.franke at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Feb 13 07:30:04 EST 2008

Dear MTD developers/users,

I am working on a custom board around the MCF5484 processor and  
uClinux. The processor offers up to six chip-selects for accessing  
external memory devices. A dual-port ram is connected to CS2 and I am  
about to write a proper linux driver for this device. I came across  
MTD and I am wondering whether I should develop an MTD RAM device  
driver (similar to drivers/mtd/chips/map_ram.c) or whether a standard  
linux character device driver would be more appropriate in my  
situation. Any comments on this are appreciated.

With best regards,
Markus Franke

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