JFFS2: file contents in case of data CRC error

Korolev, Alexey alexey.korolev at intel.com
Mon Feb 4 09:25:17 EST 2008


>> -> As result hole in the file has been formed. 
>> -> You read 0x0 in the middle of the file.
> I can't find the function that, in case of obsolete node, zeroes the 
> chunk of data passed to user space. Can you?
See jffs2_read_inode_range() function.

>> I think nobody considered such tests before. I am not sure if any
>> system may be reliable in such a case with temperature tests.
> Hmm ... I don't think the environmental condition may influence JFFS2 
> behaviour. The NAND used in the test is industrial grade so it is 
> guaranteed by manufacturer that it works in -40/+85 degC range. JFFS2 
> clearly does not anything about environment temperature. On the other 
> hand I'm wondering if temperature variation caused multiple bit
> in one NAND block that MTD was not able to correct and this led to the

> problem we are talking about.

I guess the problem is related to multiple bit flipping caused by


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