JFFS2: file contents in case of data CRC error

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Fri Feb 1 09:01:12 EST 2008

> up to JFFS2. I'm not sure, but I think what happened from there is
> that JFFS2 failed to decompress a block and instead of returning an
> error it left the page zeroed. You can use jffs2dump to correlate the
> offset reported in the CRC error with the problematic inode. Check the
> thread "bit flip" in October 2007.
Thanks a lot for this advice. The system is based on linux 2.4.20 and 
ELDK 2.0.2 so the jffs2dump is not available out-of-the-box. I'll try to 
build recent mtd-utils package.

> What platform is this on?
PowerPC 405EP.


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