Don Mullis don.mullis at
Wed Dec 10 13:10:46 EST 2008

Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> Hmm, I ran integrity test on UBIFS and had this UBI config option
> enabled (as well ass emulate write and erase errors options enabled)
> yesterday, and it worked fine - not slab problems and UBI was able to
> recover from all errors, so the integrity check test worked fine.
> But that was the latest UBIFS from the ubifs-2.6.git tree.

Thanks for testing, that helps me narrow the search.

> We have UBI/UBIFS backport trees, could you try ubifs-v2.6.26.git
> please? It has all the UBI/UBIFS patches back-ported. Or you may just
> take the patches from ubifs-v2.6.26.git and apply them to your tree.

I assume you meant "ubifs-v2.6.25.git" -- I'm stuck at 2.6.25 for
the present due to some out-of-tree drivers.  I'll try extracting
patches from git://
and applying them to my tree.

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