UBI Used In Commercial Products ??

Sergei Sharonov sergei.sharonov at halliburton.com
Wed Oct 31 18:09:38 EDT 2007


> Does anyone on this list know if UBI is currently being used in any
> commercially released products ??
> If so, does anyone know which ones ??

I am probably missing something here, but how can UBI be useful by itself?
I would think until UBIFS is ready there is not much one can do with it.
Please tell me I am wrong ;-)

I am not aware of any non-commercial solution that can be used on a system
1. Has lots (gigabytes) of flash
2. Must be power-fail safe.
3. Must boot in seconds even after power cycle
4. Does not have internal battery or super-capacitor to allow for sync on
power failure.

I hope UBI+UBIFS will be able to do that but it is not ready yet. Another
possibility is logfs but it is not ready either.

Sorry if that is a bit off-topic.


Sergei Sharonov

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