Mounting a Jffs2 onto AT45DB642D serial dataflash with ATRM9200

Louay Mouradi lmouradi at
Tue Oct 9 20:25:50 EDT 2007


I'm porting linux 2.6.19 onto an AT91RM9200 ARM920T core processor.

I want to be able to load a Jffs2 filesystem through an AT45DB642D serial dataflash.

The U-boot sees and uses this serial dataflash correct.  But I can't get the kernel to see the serial dataflash.

When I run the cat /proc/mtd, I don't see the serial dataflash.  I can see the SPI driver, mci driver showup in the sys folder.

How can I get the kernel to see the serial dataflash?  Is the mmc driver needed, I have enabled mmc, SPI and MTD options.




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