How to implement MTD

harsh poshtiwala hiharsh at
Fri Mar 30 09:51:27 EDT 2007

Hi Friends,

good Morning,

I want to port WindRiver kernel 2.6 with jffs2 file system and MTD
parttitions on ARM926EJ-S development board which has NAND flash.

I have no clue how do i make MTD partition ?

Is it something that i need to select while configuring the kernel?

if it is correct then after buuilding kernel with those selections ,do
i need to create MTD device using mknod ?

followed by creating jffs2 file system using mk.jffs2?

once i have this jffs2 image will i have to port it on the board using
boot loader + kermit ?

Is there any guideline  that would help me to build MTD partion on  NAND flash?

I would appreciate your reply,
Thanks & Regards

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