Michel LECONTE michel.leconte at
Thu Mar 8 12:23:24 EST 2007

Thanks David it works now.

The problem now is it's too long to be mount.
I think my filesystem is too big.
I've try another way with FTL and ext2.
First I did some partition :
# cat /proc/mtd
dev:    size   erasesize  name
mtd0: 00400000 00010000 "physmap-flash.0"
mtd1: 04000000 00020000 "Linux"
mtd2: 0e000000 00020000 "Apps"
mtd3: 10000000 00020000 "Data"

Then I used nftl_format :
# ./nftl_format /dev/mtd1
$Id: nftl_format.c,v 1.24 2005/11/07 11:15:13 gleixner Exp $
Unrecognized Erase size, 0x20000 - I'm confused

And ftl_format :
cm-debian:/opt# ./ftl_format /dev/mtd1
Partition size = 64 mb, erase unit size = 128 kb, 1 transfer units
Reserved 5%, formatted size = 62883328 bytes
Erasing all blocks...
block erase failed: Input/output error
format failed.

ftl_chek :
cm-debian:/opt# ./ftl_check /dev/mtd1
Memory region info:
  Region size = 64 mb  Erase block size = 128 kb

No valid erase unit headers!

What's wrong ?
Can I use FTL with my NAND Flash ?
ftl_format is it just for PMCIA and nftl_format for Disk On Chip or not ?

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