MTD/YAFFS2 page problem, data missing

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Wed Dec 19 13:17:13 EST 2007

Hello Kjetil!

    I don't the exactly status about your board and testing method .
Maybe I can give u some suggests:

1.  Do testing with such cycle ->
erase the yaffs2 partition that you write to , write , boot , read

Did u open the debug options in /proc/yaffs ?
FYI: , you can open the option:

Read your nand flash driver carefully, yaffs2 based on mtd , mtd based
on nandflash driver .

Gook Luck

2007/12/19, Kjetil Aamodt <kjetil.aamodt at>:
> >From time to time we have seen data corruption on our nand flash. Closer investigation with a 300MB large file showed us that 32 of 98 write-boot-read cycles got corrupted. The corruption were of two very similar forms:
> a) Somewhere in the image one complete page, page M, were replaced by the contents of M+1. Page M+1, and all other data in the file were correct (data from the same page is returned twice).
> b) Somewhere in the image there were two consecutive page errors. In the corrupted file page N were missing and replaced with N+1. Page N+1 contained only zeros. The rest of the data in the file were correct.
> Our Linux kernel version are The YAFFS version is per CVS of November 13. 2007.
> Have anyone else seen such behavior with MTD and/or YAFFS2?
> Do you have any suggestion in how to debug this?
> Best regards,
> Kjetil Aamodt
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