MTD/YAFFS2 page problem, data missing

Kjetil Aamodt kjetil.aamodt at
Wed Dec 19 09:30:44 EST 2007

>From time to time we have seen data corruption on our nand flash. Closer investigation with a 300MB large file showed us that 32 of 98 write-boot-read cycles got corrupted. The corruption were of two very similar forms:

a) Somewhere in the image one complete page, page M, were replaced by the contents of M+1. Page M+1, and all other data in the file were correct (data from the same page is returned twice).

b) Somewhere in the image there were two consecutive page errors. In the corrupted file page N were missing and replaced with N+1. Page N+1 contained only zeros. The rest of the data in the file were correct.

Our Linux kernel version are The YAFFS version is per CVS of November 13. 2007.

Have anyone else seen such behavior with MTD and/or YAFFS2?
Do you have any suggestion in how to debug this?

Best regards,
Kjetil Aamodt

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