JFFS2 ECC options

dedekind dedekind at yandex.ru
Thu Sep 14 13:04:59 EDT 2006

>I have no idea about your first question.  You may
>want to ask it again.  
>Regarding summary support I have never been able to
>make a jffs2 filing system that used summary support
>with the mkfs.jffs2 tool that worked.  I create the
>filing system with summary support on an empty chip
>and then transfer the files. Please let me knhwo if
>you get it to work with the mkfs.jffs2 tool.

Yeah, it makes a lot of sense not integrate the "sumtool" stuff
and mkfs.jffs2.

Nevertheless, it would prabably be nice if you sent a bugreport if
it doesn't work.


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