JFFS2 ECC options

Justin Treon justin_treon at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 14 12:32:19 EDT 2006

> I'm working with JFFS2 on a NAND device. In order to
> disable the software ECC is it enough to set the mtd
> field "nand.eccmode" to "NAND_ECC_NONE"? 
> If I do this, I have some CRC errors if JFFS2 file
> system includes a bad block. Is it right? Does the
> CRC check depend on the ECC options?
> In order to use the summary support, is it enough to
> set the macro "CONFIG_JFFS2_SUMMARY" in the file
> ".config"? Do I have to re-make the file system
> image (that I create using the mkfs.jffs2 utility)
> in order to use it with the summary support?

I have no idea about your first question.  You may
want to ask it again.  

Regarding summary support I have never been able to
make a jffs2 filing system that used summary support
with the mkfs.jffs2 tool that worked.  I create the
filing system with summary support on an empty chip
and then transfer the files. Please let me knhwo if
you get it to work with the mkfs.jffs2 tool.

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