Any reported issues with mtd and Intel Strataflash TE28F128 J3D75?

Ron Kundla ron at
Fri Jan 13 13:23:15 EST 2006


I do software work on a board that is moving from the TE28F128 J3C150 to the
TE28F128 J3D75 because the J3C parts are going obsolete.

According to the Intel migration guide, the J3D part is a drop in
replacement for the J3C with a couple of exceptions, such as a change when
reading the block
locking configuration identifier codes (J3D uses 0x0000/0x0001 versus J3C
using 0xFFFC/0xFFFF) and some minor detail about the Enhanced Configuration
Register (ECR).

I am using the mtd driver from the 2.4.20 build of Linux and the problem I
am seeing with the new flash is I getting IO errors during the write cycle,
not as much when using cat /dev/mtd2 >/dev/mtd1 but using the program curl
to load images into a mtd partition. Reading partitions and erasing
partitions seem to work okay.

The timings of the J3D are the same or faster than the J3C, so I don't think
it is a chip select configuration issue.

I appreciate any insight you all might have.

Ron Kundla

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