[PATCH] [JFFS2] Make NAND OOB usage more flexible

Artem B. Bityutskiy dedekind at yandex.ru
Thu Jan 5 07:49:52 EST 2006

Juha Yrjölä wrote:
> Many (if not all) OneNAND devices have the free OOB bytes scattered
> around the whole OOB area in blocks of 2 or 3 bytes.  To work around
> this, the JFFS2 wbuf code needs to consider _all_ the free OOB bytes
> specified by the oobfree array.

Hello Juha,

actually, Vitaly recently sent a patch wich handles this more 
gracefully. It basically adds an MTD interface which presents free OOB 
bytes to users as a (virtually) contiguous buffer.

Best Regards,
Artem B. Bityutskiy,
St.-Petersburg, Russia.

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