drivers/mtd/onenand/: unacceptable stack usage

Andrew Morton akpm at
Tue Jan 3 19:54:37 EST 2006

Kyungmin Park <kyungmin.park at> wrote:
>  OK. I change the source code. 
>  It is working well on OMAP H4 with 2.6.15-rc4 kernel and LTP fs test is
>  passed.
>  And please apply the recent onenand patch
>  	- check correct manufacturer 
>  	- unlock problem in DDP (Double Density Package)
>  	- add platform_device.h instead of device.h
>  Thank you

These patches are wordwrapped and cannot be applied.

You've included three separate patches in the body of a single email. 
Please don't do that.  One patch per email is preferred.

So please redo these patches against 2.6.15 and resend them, as per, thanks.

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