OneNAND: Update OOB free table

Kyungmin Park kyungmin.park at
Tue Dec 26 02:15:24 EST 2006

> > Now OneNAND don't support MTD_OOB_AUTO, but if the jffs2 supports the this one. I will support it.
> > I think it's more reasonable to handle oob in driver level instead of filesystem.

> I take care about this in JFFS, you take care in OneNAND, OK?

No problem. I will support it.

> > Actually, I'm not sure where's the right place. But if we don't touch the watchdong.
> > it will soft lockup when mounting the JFFS2 with big partition. (I just borrowed it from nand.)

> Anyway, you should not touch watchdog. You problem is fixed by adding
> cond_resched() at the right places. What you did - you shut up watchdog
> which screamed about a real error, instead of solving the error.

It looks good. and also it works well. I will commit it.

Thank you,
Kyungmin Park

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